Christmas Tree In A Pot

How To Care For A Christmas Tree In A Pot

We all want to prolong the feeling of the holiday or even leave it with us forever, right? Of course, for all 365 (or even 366) days, not throwing out the dried tree and not removing the decorations is not a good idea. But eco concerned people have found an excellent way out of this dilemma. Just buy one lovely green beauty in a pot. It will always live with you and please the eye.

However, even here, minor difficulties may arise. It is most likely that you hardly needed the knowledge of what effective Christmas tree care should be. Now you should consider and try to fill the gap in your understanding of horticulture. Well, this is not a problem if you have a trustworthy source of information because we will be happy to share information about growing Christmas trees in pots, for free and without registration!

How to care for a Christmas tree in a pot?

Here are the basic guidelines for keeping a prickly baby in excellent condition from the moment of purchase and indefinitely. What do we have to do:

 1) Choose your Christmas tree pot wisely.

If you already have experience choosing a freshly cut plant, you are in luck because it will be easy for you to decide which living tree to take.

But even if you have no idea what selection criteria exist, it’s okay; we will help you!

First, look at the branches and needles. They may help to understand the potential vitality of any plant. You will need to check the brightness and saturation of the color, the flowability of the needles with a slight shake. It will also be appropriate to examine the tree trunk, ensuring no damage to it. Touch the potting soil with your hands. If it is overdried, then you should not buy such Christmas tree pots, since it is possible that they were not treated in the best way before.

If you are truly interested in preserving the tree for years to come, ask a specialist at your gardening center for advice. He should help and suggest which varieties are well tolerated by changing temperatures, conditions and transplanting from a pot to the ground and back. 

When buying, check with the seller for the background of the plant. If it first grew in the ground, and then was dug up and placed in a pot, then do not take it. Such a tree is less likely to survive than the one that initially grew in a container.

 2) Help the plants adapt.

Experts advise placing pot grown Christmas trees outdoors in the garden as a starting point, rather than carrying them indoors. Then rinse and water the plant well.

When the time is right, bring it home. However, you should not remove it from the native container. If you cannot do this, then buy a special planter for an evergreen tree in advance. The main thing is not to damage the root system.

 3) Be attentive in the room.

Do not place in a warm place, especially near radiators or fireplaces. Then the tree will die quickly.

Water in moderation, otherwise the plant will either dry out or begin to rot from the inside.

 4) When planting in the garden, do not forget about the rules.

If you are going to display and decorate the Christmas tree in the house every year, and not just leave it in the garden, then do not remove it from the container when planting.

The choice of places is very limited by the parameters of moisture, coolness, and inaccessibility to sunlight.

Feed the plant during the spring months. Don’t forget to water it. Ready!

Happy Holidays!