How To Frame A Poster?

Have you found the perfect poster? It is time to choose a frame and discover how to hang a poster frame. Poster printing San Francisco will help you with that.

Which poster to choose? 

Poster with your favorite band or perfect family portrait – why not hang it on the wall in your bedroom, or why not decorate the kitchen or living room? One large poster directly above the bed or many small ones around the room or in the hallway – the choice is yours. Put each poster in a minimalist frame, or do without them at all? Or maybe make a DIY poster frame?

How to frame a poster?

If you decided that a poster frame is necessary, then it is time to understand which to choose. There are different poster frame sizes and designs, so you need to understand how the poster in the frame on your wall is supposed to look like? Do you want to create a contrast between the frame and image? We recommend contrast frames with minimalistic monochromatic posters and more neutral poster frames with colorful posters. You can also use minimalistic and small frames on smaller posters – on 16×24 poster frames or smaller. 

A thin solid frame will look good on a 20×30 poster frame as well. Thicker and more complicated frames will suit the bigger posters the best – 27×40 or 24×36 poster frames, for example. Do not forget that you can experiment with the styles, colors, and textures!

How to hang a poster without a frame? 

In modern apartments, sometimes it is hard to understand how to hang a poster frame because nobody wants to leave the nails in the walls just to hang the poster. Hang binder or bulldog clips can be useful in this situation, but your posters can look awesome even without frames. 

All you need to do – just to find the perfect way to hang it on the wall. Use what is better for your walls, but be careful: some tools can stay on your walls forever. Magic tape, poster tack, clips, magnets, or thumbtacks – choose whatever is more suitable for your apartment.  

DIY poster frame.

If you decided to add the frame to your poster but have not found the perfect one in the local shops or just want something unique, you can create a DIY poster frame. There are no rules here because you can use everything. Maybe you want to buy boards in a hardware store and make a frame out of them? Weave from wire or rope? Buy a canvas and decorate it with sequins, stickers, paint, or rhinestones? Have fun and enjoy the process. Only you will have such a unique poster frame!

You can even ignore all the rules and use the weirdest combinations of frames and posters you can imagine. Minimalistic design or frames with number of details – make sure that your interior decorations will suit both your home and your personality. Your home – your rules, right?