Free Excursions On A Cruise

How To Get Free Excursions On A Cruise?

While visiting multiple spots throughout a voyage, excursions remain integral to getting familiar with new cities, ports, and popular tourist places. But, did you know that there are some cruise lines with free excursions? They are usually luxury lines that cover the cost of excursions in passenger’s cruise fares, meaning you won’t need to make any decisions during a voyage. Please visit Cruise Web – the travel specialists will help you to select the best cruise deals. This article will take a closer look at which cruise lines offer free excursions.

How to get free excursions on a cruise?

In most cases, «free» shore excursions mean their price is included in a cruise fare. Therefore, if you prefer all-inclusive sailings and luxury cruise providers, be sure finding a cruise with free excursions won’t be a big concern. You just need to know where to look for – keep reading to discover the essential cruise lines with such an option:

1. Oceania

Oceania is among those cruise lines that offer free shore excursions within limited-time promotions. Passengers receive a determined package of free tours, according to the cruise duration. Booking excursions in advance is crucial. Remember that some excursions are out of the offer, and once you don’t fall for included tours, you won’t get any refund.

2. Regent

If you seek a cruise with free shore excursions, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the way to go. While this cruise line offers one of the most costly cruise fares in the market, passengers can leverage the ability to get free excursions. Throughout a voyage, you will encounter a diversity of free tours in each port – from food or drink tastings to city and kayaking excursions. Meanwhile, cruisers can pay extra for more exclusive excursions, but Regent definitely stands for no-charge tours.

3. Crystal Cruises

Excursions are also included in Crystal’s cruise fare, especially when cruising to Seychelles and Greek Islands. They are known as Complimentary Crystal Adventures – travelers can choose an excursion or two in every port within an itinerary. You can enjoy no-charge culinary tours, hiking, UNESCO World Heritage Sites visiting, and other excellent offers. On the other hand, if you aim to try scuba diving or fishing in the local bays, an extra fee is inevitable.

4. Viking Ocean Cruises

Multiple vacationers genuinely appreciate cruise free excursions in every port from Viking Ocean Cruises. It is an excellent opportunity to overview cruise destinations within an exciting no-charge walking tour. The huge advantage of such free tours is spare time for passengers to explore a port city independently. Similar excursions included in a cruise price are ideal in cities where the most famous tourist spots are near the port. However, exploring a non-portside museum, church, or other attractions will cost you extra money.