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How To Prepare For Enclosed VS Open Auto Shipping?

Most likely, you have not yet faced the need to deliver a car to another city or country. This business is not difficult, the main thing is to take into account some factors of transportation of such an expensive property. The first and most important question that you have is something like this: “Is open or closed transport better? What can I expect from each of the methods? ”.

Let’s take a look at the opposite options together so that you can choose the right type of transportation that suits you. Don’t worry about the facts below, as we have prepared this information based on the knowledge of the experts who provide auto shipping services and who know this kitchen from the inside.

What is auto shipping enclosed carrier vs open carrier?

So, an open car transporter is, first of all, transportation using a light trailer, which, as a rule, has only a couple of floors.
Of the advantages of this delivery method when choosing between auto shipping open truck vs enclosed, we can highlight the following:

  • as cheap as chips;

The method will save your money perfectly since you will not have to pay a huge amount for fuel for a heavy and unwieldy car.

  • ease;

Because this is the most common way to transport anything, finding a good driver and a company providing such a service will be incredibly easy.

Now it’s worth talking about the strong arguments against this delivery method:

  • your load is going to go through all the trials and tribulations;

Open transportation will not protect your property from terrible weather conditions. Sun, hail, and frost can await your car on the way. An open trailer will also not save your vehicle from any debris that can get into it. However, the vehicle is exposed to similar influences during use.

If you agree to such conditions, then for you in the battle between open vs enclosed car shipping, open carriage wins.

Now let’s take a closer look at situations when closed transportation will be preferable for the owner, for the service, and the car. Here are some new facts to compare shipping a car in an enclosed trailer vs. an open trailer.

What does it mean to transport a car in a closed car transporter?

This is а delivery is fully protected and safe wagons, designed for one or a maximum of two places in the trailer. Typically, this service is provided for vehicles that require more attention and special care. The service is exclusive and more expensive.

The advantages are as follows:

  • the ability to successfully translate luxury vintage cars;

Fear for the safety of the rare, almost priceless property. An ideal solution if you are afraid that your car will be damaged during transportation, as no natural disasters will touch it.

  • good drivers;

We do not doubt that people who openly transport goods are also professionals in their field. However, it is worth noting that the salary of a carrier of rare equipment is several times higher, and companies spend more time and money on their training and checking the reputation since they have to ultimately bear responsibility for damage of such value.

Of the minuses, only a few points can be named, but they are still very significant:

  • you will pay an arm and a leg;

You will have to pay in full the costs of the company for one flight, including refueling the transport of the carrier company, driver services, etc., since most likely one of your cars will be delivered to the specified address.

  • not as fast as you would like;

There are not many auto transporters in the United States offering this kind of delivery, which means it will take longer to calculate the trip than you might expect.

We hope that we have made your choice between enclosed vs open car shipping a little easier. We wish your favorite purchase a safe journey and joy from the first meeting with it!