Gift Ideas For Employees

Top Personalized Gift Ideas For Employees

You might not think about it for now, but you really should think about the custom gifts for employees list for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, promotion or prosperity, and so on. Otherwise, you will turn into a person whose gifts are perceived with bewilderment and ridicule. You can always look into such a sheet and find something that will suit this particular person and right now. We decided to help you in this challenging task and create a universal virtual assistant for you, which you can always use in such a situation. 

Things that can bring joy to your employee quickly, inexpensively, and for sure:

1) Personalized canvas prints;

It can be anything – a photo from work, business trips, events;  a set of inscriptions from your favorite movie, TV series, or colleague’s song;  tags from all joint projects with a motivating inscription, maybe even a QR code with a specially prepared link with nice words, and so on. It should be something unique and meaningful for a person and not a universal image suitable for everyone.

 2) Phone case with initials;

Such a solution can become a leader among personalized gifts for employees. The choice of material is enormous: leather, silicone, plastic, metal, and so on, but we would still advise you to pay attention to high-quality, dense leather, which can be easily initialized or engraved. First, find out which phone model your employee has.

 3) Special gift set;

Collect a gift for a colleague yourself or use the help of specialists from the gift shop. It can be a box with beautiful, exciting cosmetics and personal care, a belt, cookies, or various grocery or wellness kits.

 4) Expensive engraved pen;

You should see similar handles made of metal and wood in stationery stores, comfortable, perfectly balanced, engraved, and inlaid with various stones or other magical gift items. The advantage of such a gift is that it is necessary for absolutely everyone and always, but at the same time, it is not difficult to make it personalized.

 5) Suitcase or carry-on with a personal engraving;

First, it’s a great idea, as losing a suitcase with your name on it would be a big deal. The employee will always identify his belongings in a second. In addition, there is less chance that someone will steal a bag at the airport or on the way to it. If you don’t want to make such a significant gesture, you can give a regular elegant suitcase and printed gifts to get your employees, for example, a leather name tag for luggage.

 6) Personal coffee mug;

The essentials of the office, isn’t it? Why not make the employee smile and feel sympathy and gratitude every time they take their cup off the shelf. To get such a reaction, you don’t need much. Just write one cute phrase on the mug and sign “loving colleagues”.

 7) Special laptop sleeve;

Your employee should feel great when they go to work. To be remembered more and make a small surprise, it will be enough for you to decorate a laptop bag so that a person’s mood from cozy and beautiful things improves even at home. In addition, this gift will be equally helpful on trips and during a regular workweek.

We hope that you will keep our recommendations as a keepsake and use them with pleasure. Good luck!