What Cross Did Knights Templar Wear On Their Chest?

Now there is a new wave of popularity of medieval objects and symbols. The mysterious order of the Knights Templar received special attention. At the moment, people are actively making, selling, and buying such things as delicate pendants, embossed medallions, and even a Templar cross ring in the form of a signet.

But how much do we know about the history of these knights and the meaning of their signs?

Historians say that the Knights Templar left behind a few memorabilia and information, however, oddly enough, this did not prevent their contemporaries and writers of the next generations from mentioning them in their literary works.

As the identification mark of the heroes belonging to this movement, all authors, including Dan Brown and Robert Zelazny, point to the knight’s Templar cross on their chests. There are several varieties of it, the most popular is a red, slightly curved cross on a white background and a cross combined with a pentagram. Let’s explore together the meaning of the symbol, the history of its appearance, and how descendants use it.

The history of the knight Templar cross

The appearance of this symbol in the form in which we know it is closely related to the history of the Order of the Templar (Templars). So, these warrior monks existed from the beginning of the XII to the end of the XIV century. This alliance was the main strength of the crusader movement and participated in all campaigns. Members of the Order of the Knights Templar, as well as all other military formations, needed distinctive signs such as a coat of arms, flag, and motto.

We cannot say for sure about the specific moment of the appearance of the famous cross, since historical information sometimes does not correspond to reality, but we can share with you one entertaining legend associated with this image.

It is argued that the act of the Pope led to the appearance of the red cross. White robes were worn by the knights of the order when the head of the church sent them on their first campaign and gave instructions. During the farewell, the Pope tore his scarlet robe into many pieces and distributed it to the warriors as a blessing. They did not want to lose such a valuable gift on the way, and sewed scraps to white clothes somewhere in the chest area.

Thus, after the first journey, the Templar were recognized only by an unusual, distinctive sign. The Order sewed a uniform for its soldiers, making it large and symmetrical in the form of a straight equilateral cross with flared ends.

Obviously, its form cross of the knight’s Templar borrowed from Celtic culture. The Ancient Celts referred to a similar pagan symbol as the “Fingered Cross”. So we see that even the most fanatical people will not be able to claim that this subject speaks of the power of the Christian faith because the ancient people also endowed it with the meaning of unlimited love for the gods.

The colors of the sign also acquired meaning, since armor with such a banner left a smack of red blood on the lands of the infidels, and white symbolized the victory of good over evil.

What about Templar cross meaning?

We know that this symbol is rooted in antiquity. However, to this day, there is a general tendency to see in this symbol the color and strength of life, the power of fate and the sky, as well as the breath of eternity.

At the moment, scientists who research this topic interpret this cross as a sign of a balance between good and evil, darkness and light. Knowing this fact, it is easy to guess that the knights of the Templar cross banner contain a protective function. He says that the bearer of this symbol will not go over to the side of evil, because harmony reigns in his heart.

Throwing aside the historical reputation of this cross, we can now turn to this image for protection from enemies and ill-wishers, from rumors and gossip, from negativity. It is also believed that the sign is a way to give the wearer unprecedented energy and strength.

So do not be alarmed, although this talisman was not previously worn by the order with the purest reputation, however, its followers and members in most cases turned out to be much more persistent than other warriors at that time, and this alliance existed despite the prohibitions and attempts to obstruct them. Who knows, maybe this is due to their long-standing symbolism!