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What to Dress on When Going to a Restaurant?

Are you confused about what to wear to a nice restaurant? If you are a lover of active women’s clothing, you need to know that this kind of clothing is not what you have to wear to the luxury restaurant. Fashion and food have a special relationship: both are about self-expression and taste. Our choice of restaurant and how we dress to go there, play a key role in telling how we interact with others. 

Both for men and women, an evening out is an attention-seeking occasion. Dressing elegantly is essential for creating impressive looks and getting everyone’s attention. Choosing the right accessory or wearing the right clothing can be the gateway to success. Unfortunately, a little misused combination can lead to an unpleasant consequence. 

When it comes to dinner clothing, we focus on the restaurant we are going to eat at. For instance, you will not wear a black tie when going to a fast-food restaurant. As far as fine dining is concerned, it is more than just great food. A culinary experience involves many etiquettes. The first thing that everyone notices are what you are wearing. This is why you should be properly dressed. 

We are here to help you. We have created this restaurant clothing guide for everyone to follow. Continue reading!

Dressing Tips for Women

Dressing up for the occasion correctly is not an easy task. This is because different parties require different types of attire and styles. Every girl wants to make a style statement when it comes to dinner parties. 

To help you become the highlight of the evening, here is a list of a few restaurant styling tips. 

Fine Dining

  • For bringing an elegant touch to your personality, you can go with a plain and simple black dress with a bright accent. Black and red is the best duo for creating an elegant look. 
  • To add a feminine touch, you can pair it up with gorgeous looking heels and beautiful earrings. 
  • Another great combination for a fine dining restaurant is black and golden. 

Dressing for a Birthday Dinner

Are you wondering what to wear to a birthday dinner at a restaurant? Here is a list of a few of the tips for dressing up for a birthday dinner. 

  • It is will be better to leave the tops and skirts for formal events. For a birthday dinner, a mini dress is a great choice. 
  • Any color will be great for the occasion. You can go with pink, beige, blue and other colors. 
  • When it comes to accessories, you must go with a small bag or clutch. Since it not so causal occasion, you must wear fine jewelry pieces. This will help enhance your appearance and style. 
  • For women above 30, golden jewelry is an ideal choice. For women under 30, a pearl necklace is an amazing choice. 
  • You can try other combinations, such as green and golden, grey and beige, and muted purple and black. 

What to Wear to for A Dinner Party?

When it comes to a dinner party at a restaurant, many women often ask the question: “What to wear to a dinner party at a restaurant?” The restaurant’s clothing depends on the type of party. Have a look at our restaurant dressing tips. 

  • For a casual party at a restaurant, the dress must be comfortable and casual. If nothing else works, you can go with cropped jeans and heels. You can go with a winter white or a dark pair of skinnies. 
  • You can pair your dress with bright colored heels to add more class to your outfit. 
  • For a dressy dinner party, you can dress up using a sleek black dress and graphic heels. 
  • If you want to go to a fancy dinner party, you can wear a metallic dress or an embellished dress. 
  • To make your look a little less formal, you can wear a short dress with tough heels. 

Dressing Tips for Men

Since we are judged on our appearance and looks, men must also be dressed appropriately. For all the men who are wondering what to wear to a nice restaurant, here are some tips. 

Fine Dining 

If you are thinking what to wear to a fine dining restaurant, we are here to help you. 

  • If you are not going to a fancy restaurant with a strict dress, a dark-colored denim is a good choice. This is the perfect choice for not having a too much fancy look.
  • For bringing a sophisticated touch to your personality, you must go with a sports coat. 
  • You should never wear sneakers for fine dining. You must wear leather dress shoes. Since the dinner will be fine, so should you be. 

Dressing for a Birthday Dinner

  • When it comes to dressing up for a birthday dinner, you can go for a collared shirt with dressy trousers and loafers. 
  • You can even wear trousers with a dress shirt. Pair it up with leather loafers, slip-on shoe, or oxfords. To bring a classy touch, you can pair it up with a sports coat or blazer. 
  • If you want to keep things casual, you can wear a polo shirt or open-necked shirt with khakis, a belt, and leather shoes. 

Dressing Up for a Party at Restaurant

The safest option for a fancy restaurant is keeping things simple. 

  • For men’s dinner attire, nothing looks more appealing than a simple and plain black well-fitted suit. You should keep things classic by wearing a white shirt with leather brogues. 
  • You can add a tie to your clothing if you want. This depends on how formal look you want to maintain. If the fit of the suit is perfect, then there is no need for a tie. 


Overall, long gone are the days when women had to wear long gloves while men had to wear a dinner jacket. This doesn’t mean you can wear anything for an upscale restaurant. With the help of these tips, you can dress to impress and flaunt your style with panache.